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Now everyone can make internet purchases using PayGo Wallet Free Master Card.

Order any items or services on the internet

This is just a small part of the things you can pay for with PayGo Virtual Master Card

How to get PayGO Virtual Master Card

  • 1 Install PayGo Wallet
  • 2 TopUp PayGo Wallet Account
  • 3 Register Virtual Master Card

TopUp your PayGo Wallet is so easy

We provide you more than 5000 points all over Cambodia to refill PayGo wallet

PayGo CashIn Kiosks
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PayGo wallet features

Top-up your balance on your phone or the one of your friends’ on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. All mobile operators are available.

Money Transfer
Use your PaygoWallet to send money by Emoney, Truemoney and SmartLuy services. No need to wait in a queue.

Internet is one of the most important things that must work all the time. Pay your internet bills and stay online.

Do you like to play games? PayGo Wallet is the best way to stay online with your favorite games such as Sabay or SteamGames and many more.

Here is the solution for your shopping. In our App you will find the list of the most popular online Internet shopping resources.

Before your travel make sure that you have the right ticket.

With PayGo Wallet you are able to pay for your tuition. It is easy and fast to do with our advanced application.

Kitprak Invoicing
First and only one invocing software in Cambodia allows you to issue and store invoices. Get more info at

Frequently Asked Questions

PayGO Wallet

How to download and install applications PayGo Wallet
  • Download and install PayGo Wallet
  • After installation open the app and enter your mobile phone number to register the wallet.
  • You will receive 4-digit security code by SMS. Enter this code into the corresponding field and press OK
  • Set any 4-digits as your personal password
  • Re-type your password
  • Enter Promo Code. (Enter the PayGo Wallet ID of your friend who recommended PayGo Wallet to you). If you don't have Promo Code – press Skip
  • Now your PayGo Wallet is installed and is ready to use
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How to recharge account PayGo Wallet
  • Open PayGo Wallet app in your phone
  • Tap "Find a kiosk" button in the bottom right corner
  • Tap "PayGo Kiosks"
  • Tap "Find kiosk on the map"
  • Find the nearest kiosk to you and go there
  • At the kiosk:
    • Tap "PayGo Wallet refill" button
    • Enter your PayGo ID number and press Continue button
    • Insert banknote(s) to cash acceptor and press Pay button
    • Take the printed receipt
    • The account balance will be updated in 5-10 seconds
  • Refresh your balance in the app and check your balance
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How to get PayGO Master Card
  • Open PayGo Wallet app in your phone
  • Tap "My Card" button in the bottom left corner
  • Fill in the form with your real information. You must enter existing email to receive security code for some transactions.

    To get PayGo Master Card your PayGo Wallet balance must have at least 5 USD. We do not charge or freeze any amount for PayGo Master Card, you can use all of your money for online payments.
    To see your CVV code tap "CVV" button on your Virtual Card.

Google Play

How to add PayGO Master Card to Google
  • Open the link:
  • Tap Account
  • Tap Add credit or debit card
  • Choose your country (Cambodia). Input your PayGo Master Card details, your full name and address. Tap Save button
  • If everything done right your PayGo Master Card will appear in Payment methods and you can start making payments on Google websites
How to fix purchase problems on Google Play
If you can't make purchases on Google Play and get error:
"Unfortunately, your transaction can't be completed at this time. Please try again."
we suggest you to perform the following actions:

  • Open the link and tap Sign in
  • Enter your gmail account which has card payment problems
  • Tap CONTACT US in the top right corner
  • Tap "Request callback" or "Email support"
  • Type your name, phone number or email, describe your problem and tap "Call me" or "SUBMIT"
Wait till Google Support specialist contact you. Describe your problem and ask the specialist to fix it.

App Store and iTunes

How to add card to App Store
  • Open "Settings" app on your iPhone
  • Select "iTunes & App Store"
  • Your Apple ID will be at the top: tap on it
  • On the pop-up, tap "View Apple ID"
  • You'll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password
  • Tap "Payment Information"
  • Tap "Credit/Debit Card"
  • Enter information of your Virtual MasterCard (Card number, Expiration date, CVV, Billing Address)
  • Once all the information is entered, tap "Done" at the top
  • Tap "Done" again to exit Apple ID Account Settings
How to fix purchase problems on iTunes and App Store
If you can't make purchases on iTunes store and App store we suggest you to perform the following actions:
  • Sign out from your account and sign in back to refresh and resume your purchases.
  • Remove your Master Card information from your account and add it back again. The manual is here.
  • If you still can't make the purchases please contact iTunes support team. There are 2 options:

    Call iTunes Account Security Team and ask them to fix the problem.
    for Cellcard mobile: 177 1 800 275 2273
    for Metfone mobile: 168 1800 275 2273
    for Smart mobile : +1 800 2752273
    Please inform them you want to speak with an Account Security Advisor.
  • Chat with iTunes Support on (choose Singapore in the country list). See the screenshots below.
  • Choose "Apple ID"
  • Choose "iTunes store and App store"
  • Choose "Purchasing and downloading content"
  • Choose one of the provided options: "Talk, Chat or Email"

Please note, Apple can block your account if:
  • You use store which is not your country store. For example, you stay in Cambodia but use USA store.
  • You use iTunes cards for USA.
  • You use your Apple ID on different devices.
  • You often change Apple ID on your device.
  • You don't pay for purchases on iTunes.
How to check Facebook Balance in Android
  • Login into your Facebook account and choose More button
  • Scroll the page down
  • Tap Account Settings
  • Scroll the page down
  • Tap Payments
  • Check your balance in Account Balance
How to check Facebook Balance in iPhone
  • Login into your Facebook account and choose More button
  • Scroll the page down
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Account Settings
  • Scroll the page down
  • Tap Payments
  • Check your balance in Account Balance
How to check Facebook Balance on Web
  • Login into your Facebook account, click Menu button, then click Settings
  • Click Payments and then click Adverts Billing
  • Check your current balance in Billing summary


Please choose the right option for you:
a) If you have already advertised with Facebook open this manual
b) If you have not advertised with Facebook before open this manual

How to fix boost problems on Facebook
There are many reasons a boost might be unavailable. Check out the list below for some of the most common issues.
You may see Boost Unavailable in the following situations:
  • Expired offer: You can't boost an offer that's expired. Create a new offer.
  • Past event: You can't boost an event that's in the past. Create a new event.
  • Page role: You need to be either an admin, advertiser, moderator or editor on the Page to boost posts. Reach out to an admin on the Page to request they update your Page role.
  • Unpublished Page: You can't boost a post if you haven't published your published your Page.
  • Photo Album: Some photo albums aren't eligible to be boosted. Learn how to boost a photo album and what type of posts containing photo albums can be boosted.
  • Post is too old: Posts published before June 21, 2012 can't be boosted.
  • Disabled shared login: Another admin on the account likely upgraded to Business Manager. You'll need to contact the other people you shared the login with and have the person who transitioned the account send you an invitation to join Business Manager.
  • Ad Account closed: If your ad account is closed, you won't be able to boost posts. You can reactivate a closed ad account by going to your Ads Manager, clicking reactivate at the top of the page and following the steps on the next page.
  • Ad Account Flagged: If your ad account was flagged for unusual activity, you won't be able to boost any posts. To check the status of your account, go to your Ads Manager.
  • Changed profile picture: Page posts for changing a profile picture are not eligible to be boosted.
  • Mobile app installs: mobile app install posts to your Page are not eligible to be boosted.
How to contact Facebook Support
Your request will be sent to Facebook support.


How to purchase Ice in Vainglory Game
  • On the main screen open MARKET and then tap ICE button
  • Choose amount you want to buy
  • Choose "CONTINUE"
  • Choose "Add credit or debit card"
  • Enter your card details (Card number, Expiration date, CVV, your name and address and your phone number) and choose "SAVE" button

  • If requested enter your email and password and choose "CONFIRM"

  • Choose "BUY" to confirm the purcase
  • You will get confirmation that payment is successful
  • You will see that you got purchased ICE
How to recharge Bigo Live account
  • 1. Open in your web browser
  • 2. Tap Recharge button
  • 3. Tap Current Area button
  • 4. Select Cambodia
  • 5. Tap sure button
  • 6. Enter your Bigo ID *
  • 7. Tap Confirm button

    * To find your Bigo ID open Bigo Live app and
    1. Tap account button
    2. Check your ID number
  • 8. Tap paygo button
  • 9. Tap desired amount for recharge
  • 10. Tap Confirm button
  • 11. Enter your phone number linked to PayGo account in international format (start with 855)
  • 12. Tap Send button
  • 13. Enter Validation code that you will receive to your SMS messages in your phone.
  • 14. Tap Continue button
  • 15. Your payment will be completed and you will receive the purchased Diamonds to your Bigo account.
How to add PayGo Master Card to Alipay
  • 1. Open the link: and click Go to My Alipay button
  • 2. Sign in using your email linked to Aliexpress account and the password or Register if you not registered on Aliexpress
  • 3. Enter your email and Code, then click Send confirmation email button
  • 4. Open email from Alipay in your email's inbox folder and then click Confirm
  • 5. Fill in the form and click Submit button
  • 6. Click Go to my Alipay
  • 7. Click Manage your cards button
  • 8. Click Add cards
  • 9. Fill in your PayGo Master card information and click Save the card button
  • 10. Your PayGo Master card will be added to Alipay account
  • 11. Choose the desired item on Aliexpress. Open the Cart and click BUY button
  • 12. Double check your Shipping Information. In Payment Methods you will see your PayGo Master card's last 4 digits. Click Place Order button to complete your purchase.

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